I went out on Friday night and met some very cool crafters! Great turn up, Great food, and some great craft activities to try!

I managed to squeeze in trying 3 different things.

First I tried some hand embroidery, this included a French Knot some back stitch, some Satin Stitches and something that I think was called the Scallop stitch. All of which I have not attempted since I was in Primary School!

Anyway here is my hopefully soon to finish be finished hand embroidered Owl. We shall call him “Gerbert”.

This was interrupted by my uncontrollable urge to go into another room meet more people and try my hand at crocheting again. This is something I did do briefly in the past, but have not used it in any projects of late and as I soon discovered……remembering how to do a long single chain might be fun, it is also a bit limiting. Although I am pleased to say that I found a great use for it. When I got up the next day I made a cute pink dog to go with my first doll and used the lovely new chain as the dog lead. It was perfect! It was almost as if I planned it.

Then I got very excited as someone came in from the other room and said that there was someone called Shelly teaching something I have been keen to try for ages……FELTING. Then just as luck would have it she came in and sat opposite me! As I am not a person with any level of sophistication I totally blurted out. “Hi are you Shellie who is teaching the felting, please can I have a go!!!” Which probably all just sounded like one word, as I tend to speak VERY quickly when I am excited. Lucky for me though she said yes and myself and my friend (who so kindly took me along to this cool night) managed to make very spunky felt flower clips. Now I must say I knew that felting could involve stabbing wool over and over. What I didn’t know was how good it felt to do this! Needless to say I think I am hooked. Oh dear there seems to be some terrible puns in that last sentence. I mean them all at face value….I promise.

Anyway here it is…. My First attempt at Needle Felting.

This is a massive Thank you to Shelly for teaching me and I just can’t wait to get my hands on some more felting activites!

If you want to check out or buy some of the stuff she makes check out this web page;


I must say I feel quite proud of my efforts these last few days. I have made my first doll, my first needle felted flower and my first blog. Not to mention revisiting a few craft activities I haven’t tried in ages. As well getting out and meeting some very talented funky craft chicks!