What a great weekend that was! I got to cuddle two brand new babies. One very beautiful little girl, to whom I gave a hand made doll, whose photo I have already included. Then a very spunky little boy, whose present I have to confess was not finished when I first arrived. Doh!

Note to self : Even a three hour car trip is not long enough to hand sew a bias binding edge on a hooded baby towel!!

Luckily a short stay allowed it to be finished before I left town, phew!

Then I found the most fantastic place in Ballarat called the Old Mill. It’s like walking in to wonderland! Everywhere you look there is things made by hand and vintage items that were begging to be worn, bought and just adored. All of this topped off with the funkiest cafe and an open fire place with arm chairs to just sink in to while you decide which of the thousands of things you might take home.  It was just a truly inspiring place to go. I wish I could build a new house and just go through and fill it with things from this place. Or better yet maybe I could just move in and live there! I wonder if anyone would notice.

IMG_0592, originally uploaded by andycreations.