As you might have gathered I have become addicted to reading all of the fantastic crafty blogs out there. When I get better at this and figure out properly how to put up links I will share them with you. In the mean time I have spent so much time on the computer lately that I wiped out all of my months internet hours in just one week. This was unfortunate as I wanted to try out the Granny squares that I saw on Meet me at Mikes.  Instead of waiting just a few days until the new month started I went straight to the library.

So here it is

One hook one ball of wool GO!

I don’t think I want to just stop at the normal granny size. I might just keep going and see what happens after a while. Although I must say this book has hats and gloves made out of granny squares. They are too cool! If you want to see what I am talking about check out the book. It’s called Crochet in no time, by Melody Griffiths.