I sewed up more wheat/lavender bags today. My crochet square has grown a little bit more and I am starting to think that maybe I should have stopped at the normal size! Although I keep thinking of all sorts of exciting things to do with it. Maybe the outside of a lined pocket on a skirt, maybe a feature on a tote bag, maybe joined together with more smaller squares in to a head band. Hmmm something to think about. Anyway just in case you were wondering… this is what the wheat bags are looking like at the moment.

Sew.... ready for stuffing!

I also completed one of my recent purchases from the embroidery Library. If you have a embroidery machine you just have to check out the range it’s great. http://www.emblibrary.com

I bought a set of vintage style signs. Being someone who loves fresh eggs I just had to do this one first!

I wish you could still buy fresh eggs for 10c

Now I just need to make the hard choice of where to attach it to. I was going to put it on a tote bag. The trouble is now I just want to frame it!

It’s a bit sweet.

I am also very excited by vintage stuff in general at the moment. I spent the day looking at some very spunky vintage sites. Who would have thought that owning a computer would inspire so much crafty goodness. I am so excited by all of the things I keep finding. I just can’t stop myself. I want to just keep looking!

I had two favourites today. I have included them in my links.

1) Ink & spindle are very funky, with great fabric designs!

2) Top 100 blog chicks, it’s like a gate way to so many wonderful sites!

I also found a great site with photos of what looked like the best dress up vintage day out ever! I wish I was there……..what I wish even more was that I could remember or find that site again. DOH! I must remember to book mark everything I find that I like straight away. I guess you guys have all been through this before but it sure is a huge learning curve for me right now.