I just love trying new things. Today I wanted to make some savoury scones, after raiding the fridge and cupboards I came up with these.

Nearly cooked!

I was going to take another photo when they were finished, but they smelt so good I forgot and ate them!

If you want to try to make them yourself here’s the recipe. As you will see I made it up as I went along.

2 cups SR Flour

1 large hand full of sliced mushrooms

1/2 diced brown onion

1 large piece of ham cut in to tiny pieces

1 bunch of coriander

1 handful of corn

1 medium size of grated sheep cheese

1 splot of olive oil

1 big slurp of milk

Juice of half a lemon

a pinch salt and Pepper

Turn on oven to 180 c

a) Fry up onions in a small amount of olive oil, add mushrooms cook until tender, stir in lemon juice, salt and pepper.

b)Turn off the pan then add ham, corn and coriander  into pan while still hot stir all together to mix all of the flavours.

c) Mix flour with oil then add sheep cheese and the remaining ingredients from the pan and some milk .

d) Continue to add milk until  it becomes a scone consistence,(lumpy and sticking together) the final part of the mixing is best done with your hands.

e) Grab a handful of dough and shape into a ball and put on a baking tray. (I sprayed mine with oil then covered it in flour, no need if you have a silicone matt)

f) Pat the top of scone with some milk.

g) Cook in the oven until golden on top. This was about 15 mins but it will depend on how big you make your scones. Don’t make them too big or they may not cook all the way through.

h) Break the scone in half put in some butter and eat….YUMMMY!