I have a small confession

I have a new obsession

it really is consuming

and sometimes quite amusing

reading all the blogs out there

written with so much love and care!!

I have so more to recommend for you

so come along and read with me too!

http://craftcitymelbourne.blogspot.com/ This one could do with some more regular updates but has links and information about many things in the wonderful world or melbourne crafters

http://www.auntycookie.com/ Honest funny very talent artist/crafter with great fabric designs

http://www.kootoyoo.com/ This one is ace. On a thursday you can play my creative space. You just have to check it out. I am going to play this….unfortunately I can’t start until next week but then I am in.

somewhere hidden in this city are crafters!

These are just a few from thousands out there so get looking if your not already!

well I am off on a road trip it’s a shame you can’t drive and craft!