When last year started I made a new years resolution.  It was not to buy any new clothes. I was to buy second hand or make it myself.  It was great fun and strangely enough my wardrobe actually managed to double in that year. That was something I really did not expect. You see the problem was that if I went into an op shop thinking I wanted to buy a new skirt inevitably I would find four that I liked and as they were all only about $2 each and the money was going to a good cause…..I would buy all of them! I must confess I did slip up once, while out buying food I saw a bike riding jacket with a reflector stripe. As I was just getting in to some riding at the time I thought “that’s what I need” and bought it…..It wasn’t until later that I realised I had broken my new resolution with in the first weeks. Doh! I was a bit disappointed in myself I had always thought I put a lot of thought into things I buy. This made me realise that I was not who I thought I should be. Well, armed with the knowledge that it was not going to be as easy for me as I thought it would be, I started the resolution again. I made the full twelve months with out any problems except under-ware. Here I decided that I would buy them new! I had thought that I would like to make them. But I have always totally chicken out! The idea of making something that might fail to work as it should and stay up for example has always made me nervous. After reading this blog and taking the pledge I feel that I must try this too.

So here I am, not the new year this time but an ordinary old day taking a pledge that might in some small way make a difference. I always think a picture says a thousand words so rather than rant on here……

This is all they left behind!