A little while ago, I made  a young boys shirt with some fabrics I picked up from a garage sale.  As I was walking down the street just the other day I saw the exact same fabric on a group of girls walking down the street. Not just one girl all the girls were wearing it. It was the fabric of their school dress. I cannot tell you what school they were from, as I was too stunned. When I realised what fabric it was, I just stood there staring. I didn’t even think to look around at what their bags might have said. I am just so glad that I didn’t just make a plain shirt out of the check fabric. It could have been way too weird. I do love a retro style clothes!

Here’s it is!

Not a school dress

Oh well I still think my shirt is far funkier than those school dresses could ever be.

At least I can now take a pretty good guess what the fabric pieces were from before I bought them. Someone must have either made their own school dress and this was the left over bits or…. someone cut up their old school dress and sold it for fabric!