Everywhere I look, I see wonderful home made gifts. The trouble is that I can’t find figure out a fast way to find the right gift for the right person or just at least the right gender age present. I am sure that I am not the only one who goes to ‘made it’ or ‘etsy’ and after some thought types in the search section ‘boy’. I don’t know what is out there being made so I have to start with a big search. (oh by the way if brings up more results than you can imagine and a lot of them are not things for boys at all!)

You see the problem is that sometimes I just want a present for a young boy, I don’t know what to buy straight away I need to be able to look at a range of what has been made for boys and find the right thing. The more I  think about it the more I realise I am particularly keen to find gift ideas for primary aged children.

Little boys in particular can be hard to get homemade gifts for. Clothing is always a good option but then what? Surely there is something hand made out there for them other than clothes. My aim by the end of the week is to find and compile a list of things to buy for primary aged boys which are hand made.

If you make things for primary aged boys let me know and I will check out your wares!!