After reading a recent entry in Isismade where she had a fab looking recipe book that she had picked up from an op shop. It reminded me I haven’t looked at my all time favourite around the home book in ages. It was my Grandmothers and I have been lucky enough to be given it. It is  referred to as A complete cookery book and it also includes sections such as

The housewife, household work, servants’ duties, labour-saving, laundry work, etiquette, marketing Etc. (It actually does say Etc.)

Carving and trussing, the art of “using up”, household hints, table decoration, the home doctor, the nursery, the home lawyer, Etc.

It then goes on to boast….with 16 plates in colour and nearly 350 illustrations. This was truly the book of it’s time.

A very well loved book!

This book is just a must have if you ever find one in an op shop or anywhere pick it up!


Not sure if you can read this but it tells you what to do for blackheads or Acne, first it advises you to avoid certain foods. Then it informs you the face should be scrubbed with hot water and soap everyday, and the spots should be squeezed out every night. Then it advises you to mix up a lotion of zinc sulphate, precipitated sulphur, potas sulphurat and water, which “may be well rubbed into the skin at bed time”. Then it finishes with “when the skin peels as a result of this lotion, a little carbolic acid ointment may be applied. If the condition is obstinate, a doctor should be consulted with regard to a vaccine treatment.”   Wow I had no idea!


But lets not forget it is primarily  a recipe book so why not try some tinned meat, what about corned beef, or some preserved ham and don’t forget the rabbit in aspic.

Yes, so apart from some absolute classics like that, in this book you will also find somethings that we should never forget like recipes for fig pudding, gooseberry and currant jam, pineapple upside-down cake, hot pot and of course the country favourite….sheep’s tongues, fried. (well maybe not favourite anymore.)

Let me take the time to say Mrs Beeton, I salute you and your wonderful book!