A huge Thankyou to ecoMILF for her blog entry on making ricotta. I made some using goats milk this morning and it was just as easy as it looked. I will definitely be doing this again! If you want to give it a go check out ecoMILF Handmade ricotta.

Goats milk ricotta! It may look odd but tastes amazing!

It’s funny really, it had never occurred to me before that it might be easy to make ricotta. I had always just gone out and bought it when I needed it. It is like the perfect solution of what to do when you have lots of milk to use up. I used to just make up a nice big batch of custard, now I will do ricotta sometimes instead. Yeah, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again….I  love blog world, so many inspirations so many talented people, it’s a window to a world of wonderfulness.