Have you ever wonder what to do with an old work t-shirt. You know the ones with an old logo on, or a company that you don’t work for any more, or even a band you once loved now you just can’t stand. Well don’t throw it out. You can renew it, make it look funky again. The trick is to make your own sew on fabric design and sew it over the top of any logo’s that you don’t like. You can stamp, fabric paint, or just cut out funky shapes.

Here is one I did a while ago. (My first attempt at stamping on fabric….you might recognise the bike stamp)

Riding the green one!

Hang on here’s a close up of my first stamping.

Now you can see the green one!

And as for the back I had to do something big to cover the logo there.

Yep it's a funky bike shirt, not to be worn with any lycra!