I have found another t-shirt being cut up to make joc’s instructions. It is on a site called cut out + keep. Well I shouldn’t say I found it so much as I read about it in this blog with her DIY tuesday specials. Then I spent ages looking at all of the amazing things people have made with instructions of how to make them. It is great. I love a good crafty share site. The only trouble is I have now used all of my spare time looking at so many wonderful how to guides that I just want to make them all……and yep you guessed it, I have made nothing today. DOH! Oh and I also discovered that there is such a thing as self-stitched september, thanks to the lovely lady who gave me the tip for using flax or linseed oil to finish off my buttons. The idea of wearing only things I make for a month would be such a cool challenge,but I am not quite sure I am up for it this year but I will be checking out others photo’s as the month goes by.