You will need two different coloured fleece and 50cm of 12mm elastic

First I cut all of the fabric in to approx 50cm strips.

Here are all of the steps after that….

1) Cut the fabric to make it 20cm wide.

Measure down 20cm then cut across to make a rectangle 20x50cm

Repeat for second colour

You should now have two different coloured rectangles.

Step 2)  Lay the two colours on top of each other and fold in half.

I put the darker colour on the outside.

Then sew all four edges together. (use an overlocker if you have one)

This forms the top edge.

This is continued along the full 50cm length


Step 3) Turn the fabric inside out so that the seam goes in to the middle. This will bring the second colour to the outside.

Now the lighter colour becomes the outside.

Next sew a seam 1.5cm in from the already sewn edge. This is about the 5/8 measurement on your sewing machine. 6/8 would be fine too – just no smaller as you need to fit the elastic through.

This is making the sleeve for the elastic

It should now look like this.

Step 4) Now cut along the mane approx every 1cm. Cut from the bottom up to but not in to the seam for the elastic.

I placed a ruler over the top to help guide and remind me to stop cutting before I got to the seam.

Step 5) Using a elastic threader or a large pin slide the elastic through the sleeve you created earlier.

This is my elastic threader.

As you feed it in try not to twist it.

Remember to not let the other end pull through.

Step 6) Overlap the elastic ends and sew them together. I went back and forward a couple of times for strength.

When you are finished trim off any daggy threads

Then you should have 1 Lion Mane!

Yeah finished!

Have fun!