I hate to throw things out. It seems that so many people are very good at just saying “It’s boken, or it’s no good any more or I don’t want or need this any more”. Then they just throw it in the bin. This is something I really struggle with. In my mind I straight away start to think is there a way that it can be fixed? Can the item be upcycled into something new and better? Can it be useful in some way? Surely I can give this some more life somehow. While at work yesterday a broken tape measure was handed to me and I was told…”It’s broken, throw it in the bin.” Now this was like handing me a challenge. Needless to say everyone told me it can’t be fixed, it’s no good for anything, when you open it springs will fly out and you’ll never get it back together and the exasperated of “Just throw it in the bin!”  Of course this was making it seem more and more like something I just had to fix. So at afternoon tea break I found a willing conspirer and a drill, some tin snips, some washers and a nylock nut and bolt and created craft.

Now the end won't get stuck inside again!


I love it when things just work!

The only trouble is I had to sacrifice some of the tape!

Unfortunately it is no good for work anymore but I will find a use for it at home I am sure……..

So as long as I remember to minus 10cm each time a measure anything then I’m set!