Finally I am pleased to say that my new raised no dig garden is growing something!

After discovering the chickens in there a few weeks after planting out seeds I had begun to loose hope of seeing anything from that batch of seeds, when suddenly things just started to pop out from amongst  the straw….yeah!  I seem to still have some corn, but hardly any tomatoes, not sure what happened there? I didn’t think tomatoes were a chickens choice of food?

Grow corn babies grow!

The other things that are in this garden are rocket seeds, and some potatoes. There is not a lot to look at there yet but I have had a very nice sign made for both corn and my potatoes. Thanks boys!

Maybe I should have planted some of those orange sweet potatoes to match the sign!

Of all the things in my various garden bed around my house the thing that is the most surprising is the wheat that has grown up right near my back door. Just four grains so it is either come from the straw or from the chickens. Either way it has been fun to watch it grow in to some very healthy looking plants.

I don't think four plants gives would give us quite the status of farmers yet! haha!

With the focus of the day being the garden here is just a few more photos from around the garden!

Blooming roses!



Watching over the lemon balm.

I will finish with my little friend who sits and watches me while I chill out on the deck!

I love garden art!

I love this weather! Spring is wonderful. Get outside and enjoy it….that’s what I’m going to do!