Do you hoard? Are there things you collect, keep or just stack up that you can never get rid of? I am the queen of hoarding! Finally now after years of hoarding things I have managed to start to let go of somethings. How? Well I thought really hard about why I was keeping it in the first place. Most of  it was because it was given to me by a special person. Then there was other things that just gave a warm feeling down inside, like you get when you remember something that happened , in days gone by. With this in mind I set about getting rid of somethings. The first thing that had to go was a broken plate. Now you must think me a little strange for hanging on to a broken plate but let me explain….it was a hand painted wedding present that had on it the original date that we were supposed to get married. (We got married two days earlier, it’s a very long story.) Normally I am not a plate collector but something about the plate with the wrong date on it appealed to me as it was pretty and quirky. Unfortunately during some home renovations the plate fell off the wall and broke. I am sure any normal person would have just picked it up maybe cried a little and put it in the bin. Not me of course I wanted to try and fix it. A quirky plate would surely just look quirkyer ..(Not sure if that is even a word. Haha) ..if it was glued back together. So I put it in a plastic bag and put it away in a cupboard to be fixed when I got time…………………… Well yes! Ummm…. Nope, it didn’t happen instead it just sat there for a couple of years. Then after being informed I should just throw it out, I came up with a plan. I took a photo then another photo in fact I took quite a few photo’s. Now I can still look at it if I want to, it just isn’t taking up space in my house any more. Of course I start to think what a genius I am. Why didn’t I think of this sooner. With this great new plan I set about getting rid of somethings that probably should have gone out a long time ago. Another thing I found hard to let go of was a large metal trunk, which I painted with a purple rust kill paint in my uni days.That too was photographed and placed with great care out in hard rubbish. Which I am pleased to say was gone within the hour! Now I must confess I still have a lot of stuff to hoard but there are a few things that have gone.

All of these happy snaps gets me thinking about all of the things we photograph these days. We are so lucky  to be able to just click away and capture something of our everyday lives, of our friends, our family, our special occasions and anything else that takes our fancy.  These days if I am out somewhere and read something I need to remember I just get out my phone. I don’t write it down, I don’t type it in for that matter, I just take a photo! A photo is truly a great opportunity to capture something. With this in mind I am going to try and make a bit more of an effort to get better photo’s up on my blog. I won’t promise they will be perfect but at least I will try not to have anymore blurry ones! In fact as I look around at some of my favourite blogs I can see there are some stunning photos around. Things that make me smile and things that inspire. One photo that I have really taken a liking to is by Jo Williams she has some lovely stuff on her blog. She has kindly given me permission to use it on my blog so here it is a stunning, shot by Jo Williams.

Don’t you just love it. I will have to keep this photo in my mind when I am next taking photos for my blog. I will endeavor to find the right angle  and the right lighting of course to get some good photos. Hopefully I can then inspire you too!