Don’t you just love a dead line. Something to encourage you to finish that project you are working on. Dead lines like Christmas when you are trying to make things are scary! But birthdays and weddings are great they can offer you a bit of time to focus on one special thing and get it just right. The birthday project I was making this week was all going well until I had to clean the house and miss placed the ribbon that I was going to attach. The present was a skirt the ribbon was dark green and quite fine. The skirt sat half finished waiting for me to find the ribbon. After two days of looking I made the decision that maybe it didn’t need the ribbon. After all there was a dead line to meet the party was the next day. Well of course the closer I came the finishing the skirt the more I regretted it. It really did need just that little something. I sat hemming the skirt wondering what else I could do to just give it that something extra. Then low and behold the moment I finished it, I found it. Yeah. Lucky I have been getting better at hand stitching and added it in at the end. It was not quite what I was going to do originally but still looked much better with the ribbon. Now I just have to wait to find out if it fits!

Can you see the purple shimmer in the fabric?