This is very late I know but finally as promised the recipe for the dairy free cake you have all been asking for. I had been wanting to take a photo to go with it. The trouble has nothing to do with how often I make the recipe, in fact I have made it three times in just this week alone. The trouble is that it gets eaten too fast! Each time I keep forgetting to take a photo. It is such an easy a versatile cake it just needs a name, yes I made up this recipe and have not given it a name.

I will take a vote, you can help me name it

1) “The Just stir cake”  2)”Cake not cow” 3)”I bake and eat” 4)”Easy Peasy cake ”

Hmmm. not too exciting I know so I am also open to suggestions!

Anyway here it is

2 cups SR Flour

1 Cup sugar

1 cup Soy milk

2 eggs

1/3 cup vegetable oil

1/2 tea spoon vanilla essence

To make it into a orange cake use a little less soy milk and then add the rind and juice of one orange, I also like to use lemon essence instead of vanilla.

To make it into banana cake use less sugar and then and 1 or 2 very ripe mashed bananas. You might also like to add cinnamon, honey and or sultanas.

To make it into a chocolate cake just add 1/3 cup cocoa powder.

Once you have all of the ingredients just put them all in a bowl and stir until well mixed with no lumps.

Put in a well greased cake tin then in an oven at 180 c for approx 40-50 mins.

Cake will be a golden colour and spring back to touch all over the top once cook. Just make sure it does in the middle as sometimes it can fool you!

It is as simple as that. Just like using a packet mix but yummier, and friendlier for those who can’t do the cow thing!

Fresh eggs from my chickens just waiting to be made into a cake!