I finally did it. I made a pair of undies. It was just a practise pair with some scrap fabric, but I must say I am really quite pleased with them. I have not included a photo as I think I can do much better, but it is very very exciting. I have been trying to convince myself to do this for quite a while now. Finally after all of this time I have gotten to the stage of needing to get some new undies. So in order to stick to my ethical clothing pledge, which has been going so well, I need to make them. I have looked into buying them from pants to poverty but it has been a little bit frustrating to think I can sew most things, why can’t I just make myself some undies! I had tried printing out a pattern but I hadn’t gotten anywhere with it. I have looked at lots of other cool bloggers who made their own undies, I have been so inspired, but it still frighten me. It has been a long time in coming and much procrastinating has happened. But now finally the test pair are finished, now I will have to try them out and then move on to making real ones……well not that these aren’t real, I mean I will be wearing real undies, just not the finished product, not that these aren’t finished cause they are, it just that they are just a trial, cause I didn’t use a pattern, or didn’t really have any idea what I was doing, I just kind of made it up from a pair I already had. Phew………..here are some extra full stops to make up for not having any for a while. Anyway I will let you know how they go. As long as they don’t fall down I will deem them a success. I am sure as I make more I will get fussier, but for now…..I just don’t want them to fall down!