Do you like vintage fabrics and designs? Do you like to reuse, recycle and upcycle? Do you like bike riding? Do you like hats? Do you need spunky hat to cover your helmet hair when you ride your bike to a funky event! If you do then Rocket Fuel is for you! They have some very cute vintage style hats. A friend has just introduced me to it and it’s fabulous! I love this blog and the ideas are spunkalicous! They have some great ideas good values and fantastic links on the blog. I think I will also be spending a bit of time in the instructable with the DIY Tuesdays! I don’t think I will ever get sick of blog land and the internet it is far too exciting, inspiring and convenient. Here is a link they had on their blog to making a print from an old bike inner tube. I love it!

I soooo have to make one of these!

I might make a dragon one!

Click here to see how to make it!