Just in case you were wondering the undies are a huge success!! They are so comfy, I actually think they are one of the best pairs I have ever had. Here I have been putting this off, when I had no idea what I was missing out on! They did not fall down, (which when I think about it is a crazy fear,) they were just perfect in every way! I can’t believe I put this off for soooooooooo long! I highly recommend making your own to anyone. My goodness I have just over come a huge hurdle in my sewing, if I can just make a few more good pairs I might even work up the courage to make my very own design for a vintage style two piece swim suit. I may not have mentioned this before, but I dream of being able to sew a funky vintage swim suit. Frankly I have often wondered if it was just a pipe dream. Now ,with this little success under my belt (heehee) I think that I might actually get there.  Then I might even work up the courage to wear it out in public. (The swim suit not my undies!) Which ever way I look at it, this has been a very exciting week, in more ways than I can begin to explain, with a renewed passion to keep my ethical clothing pledge going and to keep sewing!!!!!

Those were the days!

Wouldn’t you just love to have gone down to the local bathing pool dressed like one of these beauties!

If you think I am alone in my wish to for a return to the swim wear of yesterday, then you should see some of the out fits made by my sister pat, no I don’t have a sister called pat that is the name of the company. Check it out here is one of my favourites!

A proudly Australian made designer label!

My sister pat