I am starting a new theme in my blog. Why? Well it seems that as part of the VCE arts subjects students need to find local artist and write a paper about them. I have been informed that this can be quite hard for these students. A lot have no idea where to start and others are in small country town with no hope of just stumbling across an artist whose work they like at the local market. With this in mind I have decided to start a section to help promote local artists, what they do and how to get in contact with them. I will ask some very basic questions so that you can get an idea of who they are, what their art is about and how to get in contact with them. I hope this helps not only young people who are keen to find and write about these artist but also anyone else looking for some artworks or just some inspirations!

If you are an artist that would love to be Featured on the new Friday program drop me a line, I would love to hear from you!!!

You do need to be Australian or live in Australia to be featured.


I know you have all seen the current crafty art I am into these days. So here is one of my older artworks instead!

My favourite!