Last week amongst all of the crazy business, a very large bag of very ripe cherry’s was bought from the market for a whole dollar. A few were just eaten straight away. Then the rest were prime candidates for some jam. Earlier this year I was lucky enough to travel around England and Wales. While over there I had quite a lot of black cherry jam. I have been wanting to make my own ever since. With this in mind I sat down and started taking all of the pips out by hand, (with a some help thank goodness). I only wish I had remembered to take a photo of my very purple stained hands, they were quite funny looking.  After carefully taking all of the pips out, I look at the next instruction and read; “tie pips in cloth and add to the cherry’s and boil”!  couldn’t help but think…..why do you have to take them out if you need them in as part of making the Jam!!! Has anybody else made cherry jam? Has anybody ever skipped the first step? If you skip the first step will the pips float to the top like when you make plum jam?  I would love to hear from any one who can tell me from their own experience if you can skip the whole piping thing!!

See the bag of pips on the side!

I must say that the pips must have worked their magic though because the Jam is delicious. I managed to get three jars, not bad for hand pipped cherry’s.

The recipe I used was very simple:

2 1/2 kg  stoned cherries (reserve stones) It sounds very simple when you say it like that doesn’t it!

3/4 cup lemon juice

1 1/2 kg sugar

Put cherries and lemon juice in a large pot with  and bring to the boil. I did mine in my pressure cooker, nice and quick!

Tie cherry stones in a muslin bag and then add to the pot simmer for about 1/2 hour

Remove the bag

Add sugar over stirring over low heat until dissolved

Boil rapidly until jam reaches setting point

Pour in to sterilized jars and seal.

Then when the pot is cool enough take a piece of bread and wipe it clean.

Eat bread, Enjoy.

Then eat more jam every day until all gone.

I love home made Jam! It has real fruit in it!