Seriously, I mean a big old fashion boulder rock. The ones that have been around for thousands and thousands of years. There is something magical about getting out of the city and having the time to walk through a rocky canyon. To be exact the Grampians Grand canyon.

Look at that rock!

I went to the Grampians for the first time on a family holiday as a teenager and have been back many time since. It is a place of true beauty and peace. The walks are fabulous and I always feel the better for a visit. It was lovely to be able to take my family there now too. It seems like more and more people are there every time I go. These people are complete strangers but you always find that they are only to happy to smile and say ‘hi’ to another fellow walker. It is as if people when taken out of the man made city’s and put back in nature they are happier and friendlier. I was reading a blog where someone had been making a comment on that moment when we pass a stranger. If it is a group it is very clear that you walk past and mind your own business, but when it is just one person…..Well what do you do? Do you smile and maybe say hi? I have always been and smile and hi kind of person. So if you are out and about and a stranger smiles at you and says hi make sure you say hi back it might be me or if you are on a beach it might just be Rabbit and the Duck.