When you know it is going to rain for a week you need a project that will take more than one day. I would like to highly recommend making paper. Depending on how much paper you have lying around to rip up it can take as long as you like. You can rip and tear you can use scissors and cut out pretty shapes as you go or apparently you can just use a paper shredder. I had been saving a good number of coloured paper for such an occasion and managed to get three good stashes. Pink and Purple, green and blue and yellow and orange, all were ripped up and put in buckets of water to soak for 24 hours.

Paper pulp anyone!

As I ripped I reread some of the things and couldn’t help but wonder if they really needed to be printed out in the first place. I am glad that the new fashion of less printing and more reading on the screen is becoming the norm.

The next day using a new paper making kit that was a christmas gift we used the pulp to make some new paper. We left this between newspapers and cloths then stacked up a few layers on top and left them for another 24 hours.

Recycled Paper anyone?











A pretty good activity for a rainy week, but I imagine it would be just as fun on a sunny week where you can dry the paper quicker and splash in the water a bit more!