Life is finally starting to kick back in to the reality of the normal year. It is a little sad for me, these holidays have been extremely full. There was some very exciting news, up coming weddings and babies on the way. I also had time to visit old friends that I haven’t seen for ages. There was also some very sad news with cancers effecting a number of people from my family while other family members were flooded out of their homes. A close friend ended up in hospital, and I did lots of and lots of baby sitting which meant there was a great turn over of different children to play with over the holidays. In amongst all of this was a family hiking, fishing, camping holiday. With everything that is going on it has been wonderful to have been on holidays and to have  had the freedom to go where we were needed. Visit people who needed visiting and help people who needed help. One hot night was even spent catching up with a friend who has moved to Canada, which was fab, but did leave me a little tired. Which was not a problem because it was holidays.

It was a very pretty lantern!

I love the less structured time with my children and the time to get some of my own ‘to do list’ done. In fact I am proud to say that I may have done a number of new crafts these holidays but I did not neglect my pile of mending. I mended pants, skirts, and finished some projects started many moons ago. I have also been doing some serious cleaning which resulted in some more space for play and craft and unfortunately some broken favourite items. Very long stories but in short, a mirror with an image on it that was given to me by my father, when I was a little girl. (broken mirrors, never a good thing) Also my favourite lantern was accidentally knocked to the floor and broke.



The other thing I did these holidays was to participate in the craft auction fundraising for the flood appeal. I am pleased to say my cushion has gone to a great home and here are is a photo of it in it’s new home.

New home for the cushion



The lovely lady who bought this cushion has a fabulous blog I have only just discovered thanks to the auction. It is one of the many new ones I am pleased to have found thanks to the auction. Hers is called strongsoutherly it is a lovely honest blog with a great mix of craft and a wonderful insight in to her life. A huge Thank you to her too for the honour of having my link appear on her blog. She certainly got some good items in the post that week!

It truly has been a massive start to the new year.

With february being here it is time to start up the feature Fridays soon and I hope to have some more exciting Australian artist for you to meet. I also need to put some more items on to my made it store. Yes, I feel I am finally giving in to the fact that the routine part of the year has really started. Which means more regular posts in my blogs and luckily for me that also means catching up with a bunch of wonderful mothers, so it’s not all that bad really.  Bring on 2011 I am ready……..I think!