A stunning self portrait

Claire Marmur

Where are you based?
Melbourne, but I have spent most of the past 5 years in Munich.

What style of art do you create?

Paintings mostly, but it varies. For my private practice I mostly do large oils, but more recently I have been working with watercolour minatures. Aside from this I do large scale Scenic Painting and Murals as well as Design and Scale Models for theatre.

Set Model for Don Parties

Palestrina (Bayerischesstaats Opera) - Set Model detail












Out of your own collection what is your favourite piece and why?
I dont think I have a favourite piece per say. I try not to get too attached to my work, otherwise I don’t want to sell it. My walls were full with paintings before I figured that out!

Where can people go to see your work?
Most of my work is in private collections or Mural work in Germany, but I am planning to have an exhibition in Melbourne sometime later this year.

What are you working on at the moment?
At the moment my private pactice has taken a bit of a back seat to the design work, but I am working towards a continuation of an exhibiton I had in Munich. It is a very large series of watercolour minatures.

What inspires you?
People and my surroundings, places I have been and things I have experienced.

How can people get in contact with you?
I am not a very tech-savy type… email? claire_marmur@hotmail.com

Words of wisdom?
Do what you love.