I love to wear skirts. I think it has something to do with the fact that I can’t wear them to work makes them seem even more appealing. I have had a couple of skirt ideas, I have wanted to make for a while sitting in the sewing started pile……you know that pile. The one to be finished when I get a free moment!

One of these skirts, I have picked up and put down more times than I can count. I am making it without a pattern and I had ideas of having a dressy looking skirt with a grunge feel. Sounds a little bit like a contradiction really doesn’t it. Well Finally I just bit the bullet and had an attempt at finishing it.

I am pretty pleased with the finished piece. From a distance it looks very much like a nice dressy skirt. But when you get close up you can see the raw edges of the fabric all starting to fray and hopefully over time these will get even messier.

I love this little kick out of colour

I love the lines!


Not sure if you can see in the photos but I have deliberately not joined the front to the back in the lower half of the skirt. There is a slight over lap so you can’t see it just as you stand still. It is really only noticeable when you walk, the same as the red. I have worn the skirt again today and it is starting get some better frayed sections now. I think our clothes can say a lot about ourselves. I love that this skirt is made from fabrics I picked up at the op shop, I love that it has the look of something quite dressy with the double lined top stitching, vintage style and fitted sections but what I love most is the finishing touches of raw cut edges. This is me, and I love it!!