Confession time. Quilts scare me!  No, not just a little bit, a lot!!!!

They are these amazing pieces of fabric art that are put together in such perfect, neat, organised sections. The work that goes into these pieces is mind boggling. I have helped out, a small bit with one before but never have I attempted to make one of my own. I have seen some quilts made from cut up old denim jeans, and some other really funky designs too. I have thought I would like to attempt one like that on a number of occasions. The trouble is the fear factor. Such a lot of joins of four fabrics into a corner, that is one of the thing I always struggle with. Then there is the amount of time on one project, I like to do three or four projects at a time. You know so when one gets too hard you can pick up the other one and work on it for a while. Instead of continuing until you are screaming at it like some kind of raving lunatic that it didn’t look like that in your head. Of course the thing I think I am the most worried about is that I won’t be able to do my favourite thing. You know change my mind half way through and just cut off random bits fray them up and wear it. Or can I???  No this is going to be an exercise in self control.

As such I feel should start with a mission statement. Heehee, it sounds like I am trying to take over the world not just make a quilt but any way here goes….

I will make a quilt.

I will make a neat patterned organised quilt.

I will finish it.

I will master the art of a perfect corner join.

I will (attempt to) stick to the pattern.

Then when I have learnt a few tricks and feel more confident I will make another quilt, one that is crazy, frayed, with pieces of cut up old denim, cords, pants, jackets, shirts things with pockets on it, maybe even the odd button or two.

Here are the fabrics I have chosen for this not so world dominating quilt….

Fabric matching. Wow hard work!

I must also confess, I have been lucky enough to be invited to join a group of about 20 lady’s to do this project. It’s called a quilt in a month. It is my understanding that the others have not made a quilt ever before either. I meet a few today while buying fabric. The class starts tomorrow so it was nice to see that I was not the only one to leave it to the day before to buy the fabric. I chose a number of fabrics from my collection of favourites from op-shops or second hand fabrics, from home. Then at the patchwork fabric shop today I started to try and match it. Who thought it would be so hard. There was simply just too many choices. The shop was quite a buzz though really. So many newbees all looking in awe at the different designs. We are all very excited and somewhat nervous. It was fun trying to help each other match and miss-match designs. Luckily for us the lady’s running the shop knew what they were doing and were very helpful. Hopefully as this month goes by some of the group will let me share with you all how we are progressing. I feel that there will be a lot of very pretty quilts coming out of this project.Some of the fabric colours and designs the others chose were fabulous.  I am not aiming for pretty, in fact it was very amusing today in the fabric shop that the lady serving, looked at me, what I was wearing (my new favourite skirt) and the fabrics I was choosing and commented with a bit of a smile “you don’t do pretty do you?”  Not pretty, but hopefully fun!

Wish me Luck!