Name: Nikki Farren  Petal Art is my business name
Where are you based? Eastern Melbourne
What style of art do you create?
I create collages on canvas using craft paper,buttons,  fabric and paint to create pretty pictures for girls rooms.
Out of your own collection what is your favourite piece and why?
favorite piece is the art with my daughter’s name it was her suggestion to have the pink flowers so just did what she asked!
Where can people to to see your work?
I have only just started my little business so currently my work can be seen at Fete’s and Markets …the next one is at Laburnum’s school fete. I will also be displaying my work on “madeit” and Mathilda’s market so watch this space.
What are you working on at the moment?
I am curently getting ready for the Laburnum fete so creating a few canvas’s for that with Owl’s , butterflies and flowers..all things pretty.
What inspires you?
My children inspire me , creation around inspires me
How can people get in contact with you?
If interested in my work and you would like me to create something for you please contact me on 0433229111
Words of wisdom?
Believe in your self and take a risk!!