Here's the board just before I cut through it!

Cut, cut, cut, Opps!

The first session, as you can imagine, was spent explaining how to cut your fabric and what sizes to cut it. Along with the showing of some finished quilts for inspiration. All fabulous! I found cutting the fabric a bit tricky, I was not exactly sure why. After asking for some advice it was suggested it might be easier with a longer cutting board. Someone very generously handed me one they were not using. Even with the longer board I was still having a little trouble, it was suggested that blade might just be blunt and I should press harder. So I did…….in fact I cut right through the board!!!! Oppps. Then I find out the board is not even hers it’s her friends!!!! Oh dear. We all had a bit of a laugh and I just hope her friend has a good sense of humour too. Needless to say while out shopping the other day I bought a replacement board and a new blade for my rotary cutter. Let me tell you it makes a huge difference! I now also have a spare new blade ready to go for next time.





Costumes for the craft stall

Making hair clips

This all got me thinking. Have you ever noticed how many generous, good humoured, talented, fun to be around people are into craft. My question is does craft naturally attract the fun and  creative type of  person or does doing craft actually make us that way. Imagine being creative but having no outlet for it. All that pent up creativity could just explode out anywhere, and who knows in what way!?!? It is so exciting to hear about more craft groups around in the area. They seem to be well on the increase these days. All of these creative, people doing what they do best and doing it together, I love it!



making wheat bags

Wheat bags













Have you also noticed the huge increase in the popularity of the bicycle. More are more people seem to be seeing the benefit in getting on your bike and going for a ride. These people ride to work, to the shops, I even see a few out with the family, then on the weekend there seem to be more and more who just do it for the fun of it. I have a bike, I ride it occasionally. In fact up until I looked at it this morning I thought it wasn’t that long ago that I went for a ride. I feel like it was only just a little while ago I had it in the back yard for a bit of a service and clean. But as you can plainly see when my grape vine has had time to grown into my spokes maybe it was a little longer than I thought!! I guess I craft a LOT more than I ride!