My poor garden. Everyday I go out and pull half a dozen caterpillars off the broccoli. I went away for the weekend and boy did they have a party. I pulled off 15 caterpillars when I got back!! I used to be able to feed them to the chickens. As we have no chickens now the question is what do we do with them. I have heard that insects are full of goodness, is that true? Should I eat them? I must admit I don’t think I will, but it seems such a waste that my poor vegetables sacrifice their goodness to these critters and I have no chickens to eat them and benefit from it! I really need to get more chickens!!!

Look closely see if you can spot the caterpillar?

What do you do about pests in your garden? Do you buy spray? Do you plant garlic? Does it make a difference? Do you have a home made never fail recipe? I would love to know your secrets!!

I am pleased to say that the lettuce is surviving the onslaught so far!