Doh! Doh! DOHHHHH!!

I thought I would finish it all off in an hour.

I thought how hard can the last sewing together stage be.

I thought I would just pin, pin, pin and sew, sew, sew ….. Tadah!

I thought I would be finished by tea time yesterday.

I was wrong!!!

I think it has to be the size of the squares, I must have gone wrong somewhere. I am having trouble getting the sashing (look at me go with quilting lingo) all in a line to make neat straight lines around the squares.

I have done some unpicking,

I have done some teasing and stretching.

I have done some swearing.

I have stopped!!!

I will have to go to my last class with out having completed my homework. I feel sad!  But at least, I hope to get  some ideas and help as to how to fix it, without having to pull the entire thing apart and start again!!!

Just not quite straight!

I even worked out a funny little system to make sure I put the right square in the right place the right way around. See my little pinned on notes. I made a few different looking squares so I had to do something. I will tell you all about that another time!