I have seen soo much crafty goodness lately I don’t know where to start! I only have a few minuets to tell you about any of it so I will have to do a big photo spread next time. In the mean time let me tell you what I bought. A hair clip! I know, I know, I hear you saying…I am way to obsessed with hair clips but I do love them. This purchase is different to any of my others. Have a look see if you can guess which one I bought…..

Princess hair clips

Did you guess?


These lovely clips and a whole table full of crafty goodness was made by one very busy little lady! Her name is Tyler and her creations are just FAB! I am definitely a fan! Along with her mums help they keep themselves very busy with all of their crafty ideas! At just 12 to be turning out so many wonderful designs and having your own market stall to sell it all….You go girl!!

I can’t wait to see where she will end up!

Check it out! Amazing!

Man If that was me at 12 I would have never been able to get out the door to school! It would have taken me too long to choose which hair accessory to wear each day!