I was given more plums than I have ever been given before…….and all from one tree.

Well then the fun began.

Here are two out of the three pots of Jam cooking.

The small pot on the right holds 9 litres!

I had already started to give away a number of jars before I remembered to take a photo.

I must have made over 27 litres of jam!! I thought that was probably enough plum jam so I made a pot of plum sauce too. Then stewed up another 7 or so litres and finally gave away a couple of bags. That must be one mighty plum tree!

With all of this finished what else can you do but go searching in your own garden to see what other goodies you can cook up.

Our poor old tomatoes were just not going to be able to ripen, we are well in to autumn now and the last of the tomatoes needed to be used, what better than a few jars of green tomato pickles. Yummy!

Next it was finally time to harvest those potatoes we planted ages ago.

Believe it or not this is just a very small sample of my very very busy week, last week! Enjoying some quieter times now!