Do you love to read Harry Potter and always wanted to try some butter beer but you can’t have any dairy? Well I have created the recipe for you. It makes enough for 4 people.


3 heaped dessert spoons of Brown sugar

3 heaped dessert spoons of Nuttelex

800mls of Soy Milk

4 scoops of soy icecream


Bar mix

4 mugs

Dessert spoon

Large jug that can go in to a microwave safely


1)Place the Nuttelex in microwave and melt until runny

2)Stir in brown sugar until it’s a thick  sticky consistancy

3)Add soy milk and stir well

4) Heat in microwave stopping every minute to stir and check the temperature

5)When warm use a bar mix to make sure it is well mixed and then heat to a good hot temperature but do not boil.

6)Put a scoop of icecream into each mug

7)Pour hot mix over the icecream

It is so yummy!

Opps I drank it all it was too yummy!