Something I didn’t plant grew in my garden. This commonly happens in my garden, I get loads and loads of tomatoes and pumpkins that I haven’t planted growing out of my lovely compost.This time I was not exactly sure what was growing, but it looked like it might grow into something eatable… I let it grow.


I didn’t really give it any special treatment, in fact I pretty much just let it fend for itself. After all, I thought  it was a bit late in the year to grow many things, so it probably won’t do anything. Well it just kept growing, and I it got some fruit on it. My first thought was that it might have been a watermelon, it was small and round and smooth. I have tried in the past to plant watermellon seeds and nothing has ever grown or if it has, the snails have quickly eaten them. As the fruit got bigger it started to roughen up. It was quite a mystery. Finally the vine itself started to die from the cold and the fruit was either to be picked or forgotten. I picked it, this small round fruit and tried to guess what it might be. After smelling it I got an idea and I was right… was a tiny rockmelon fruit!