I have been making things and forgetting to take photos! Am I loosing my touch?? Two weeks of craft group meetings I have forgotten to take any photos. Presents made for friends, with no photos to show for it and the beginnings of my first attempt at sewing my very own swim suit and still nothing to show you. This is concerning, surprising yet somehow it’s not all bad. In fact it might just mean that I still love to craft even if I am a little forgetful. To make up for it here are two photos of one pair of booties.

Very cute!

I used the pattern from' Meet Me at Mikes' first book.

Speaking of Meet Me at Mikes, I am proud to say after reading her blog since I discovered the magical land of the blogville, that I finally went to her shop this week. Yeah! Not so proud to say that when I saw her all I could do is smile and say “hi” as she walked by, then turn and whisper to my friend….”That’s her”. Oh, how very mature of me.