I fixed a friends sewing machine…. I fixed another friends sewing machine…….I showed some friends how to set up their new machines…….I broke my overlocker…..not able to fix it yet……I really broke it, I need a replacement part…….DOH!

But before I broke it I did some great sewing. I have nearly finished my swimsuit…Photo to come soon, but here is some other exciting photos for now……..

Made another cape….

Little blue riding hood

I love these things!

I FINISHED MY QUILT!  Well the front panel part….I still have to do the back and put it together. The only problem is…it’s so big it’s hard to get a good photo!

Yeah so exciting!

Made some more craft for the stall, with some fabulous ladies. They just give and give these girls, it’s inspiring!

The perfect tooth fairy pillow!

crafty phones

A bit of magic

Some wall art

some more eatable craft

wash mittens....I actually made these ones!

I love the stars are ribbon bags!

peanut people are too much fun!

Head bands, aprons, gloves, scarves and more!

Wow, it just looks so great! Everyone worked so hard!