Just in case you were wondering, I have not forgotten how to blog! I have just been enjoying my crafts so much I have not had time to share them with you all! I know, I know, how greedy can I get! In brief I must say I have had a lot of fun! I love having a regular craft group! I love screen printing and I love home made food!!!!!!


One of my stand out creations lately was a costume I made for a themed night out. I adapted two different patterns I have to create a fabulous fully line witches cape! Both the costume and the night were a hug success!

I love a good dress up night!

I did a work shop with Louise Snook. This involved drawing my own design cutting it out with a knife then screen printing it onto a tea towel that I got to keep. I was really happy with the design I cut out….but of course got completely carried away printing it as many times as I could on a tea towel! I could have worked out a better final look if I had thought about it but in the excitment of the moment, well you know how it is! It was lots and lots of fun. I might just be asking for my own for screen and inks for my birthday!

Apple anyone?

I have eaten some fabulous home made goodies, from sausage rolls to salmon on cream cheese with dill to banana caramel tarts to brownies! I fear that the craft group may well have to put together it’s own recipe book at the end of the year! The food these girls whip up is brilliant!!

Yummy! I will ask the girls for a recipe to share with you!

The other thing that has been filling a considerable amount of time is a another venture in to the world of crochet! Thanks to the mag Mollie makes I have creating apple covers! What is that I hear you ask. Well it is a crocheted cover for your apple to protect it in your bag or hand bag to stop bruising. They are too cute!!

These ones just needs buttons and the ends darned in.


I was also lucky enough to meet Toni Coward from Make it Perfect. The fabulous lady who started the QLD craft flood appeal that I took part in. What a treat! She is a real jem with a huge passion for all things good in the craft world. She really wants everyone to be able to make beautiful things with simple patterns! I love her stuff. Actually it is her cape pattern from her book that I have been making all of my capes from lately. Quite a few of my friends girls have been given a cape I made from her pattern as a present lately! Here’s my latest one!

The perfect present for a little girls 1st birthday!

Too many more things than I have time to tell you. Instead happy crafting and I look forward to reading more about what you have all been up to in your blogs!!  Also thanks for reminding me just how much I enjoy the world of craft on-line too. The best place around for inspirations!