With all of the things I have booked in to do during the next  two months, it looks like I am going to be flat out. The list includes things like making a wedding dress, making and decorating a wedding cake and too many more things than I even want to think about, let alone write down. I need a plan, I need to get organised, I need to prioritise things carefully.Actually I just need to learn to say NO. But that will have to wait until another time. In the mean time I will try and fit in making some dresses and other items to sell at a christmas market. I have been thinking about what things I will make this year to sell and I must confess I have a long list. (Are you surprised?) It is my aim then to work on my items EVERYDAY! Even if it is just for a short time I will do something everyday, starting tomorrow, I mean today. Yes I must start this with the conviction to do it. Even if one day is just sketching ideas down. It’s a bit exciting really and I look forward to showing you my progress. In the meantime here are some photos of dresses I have made for friends as presents.