Just when I started to think I might have been a bit over zealous in planting my seeds a few days before spring officially started, the seeds start to shoot up and new life forms appear.

This year I am going to grow my best ever garden.  How do I know this? Simple I am determined!!!!!!!!!! I have a number of new raised garden beds, made from a used shipping crate, and a large delivery of fresh compost/soil to fill them with. I will beat the buffalo grass now. I will beat the snails and slugs now too. How? Armed with my new Stephanie Alexander kitchen garden book, (which I have just been given as a present) I will fight off all the baddies with natural products. My plan is by mid summer to just create entire meals from my garden. Maybe I will call it my vegetarian summer.

Look at these lovely bean seedlings and those peas a coming along really well in the background.

I nearly forgot to tell you… Those lovely little chickens we were raising have all grown up. It turned out that out of seven eggs we got 2 hens and 5 rosters. Not very good odds really. The good news is though that the 2 hens have finally started laying and I can eat fresh eggs again. There is nothing quite like cracking a fresh egg in to a frying pan and seeing it all plumped up, instead of running everywhere like older eggs do. Yummy yum.