I took the opportunity these easter holidays to do a workshop to learn how to make a corset. The course was run at Thread Den and the teacher was Leimomi Oakes who is the Dreamstress, a textile historian, seamstress, designer, speaker and museum professional. Oh and of course she is a very cool chic! There is a photo of me and the girls doing the workshop with her, check it out! You know it’s going to be good fun when you see sewing machines and hammers all being used at the same time. Now all I have to do is wait for a parcel to arrive in the mail so that I can finish it. 











Then I helped a friend put the straw bales into the walls for the house they are building, which I might add looks amazing.  It is built with reclaimed timber framing so most of it is stunning hard wood. The view from the main living room is spectacular and the addition of a composting toilet and great cellar is going to make it a fantastic low environmental impact home. It was fun and inspirational.

The holidays finished with a fantastic new addition to my sewing tools in the form of my new friend diana and even though she has no arms of legs I can see she is certainly still going to be a big help!