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A more manly apron!

It has been brought to my attention that I make lovely aprons for the females out there, but none for the males types. With this in mind I set about a new apron. Here is it a more manly apron!

What's more manly than LEA & PERRINS











There done one male apron…….so I made another girly one!

Not really the manly apron!


Finished the tree apron!

It is finally finished! Each leaf designed by a different child for a special teacher, on world teachers day.


The class tree!




I had the best fun designing the trunk to have a wood look. I will have to remember this and use it again.

Another Apron!

The tree apron. In case you wanted to know, roughly what the finished project will look like here is a practise one, cut out of news paper.


Shame newspaper makes a terrible apron otherwise I would leave it as is, it’s a bit cute!

Another Apron!

This one includes some lovely hand cross stitch on the pockets. Unfortunately not my work but fortunately for me someone else obviously never found the right project to put it in.

This one is fab!

They look just perfect here on this apron!

I do wish I knew what this sample of green fabric was off though as it is just divine! It’s always a bit of a mystery with fabric from others. I am picturing a stripped green sofa with matching curtains, not to mention the tassels that would go with them!

When you sit down to name all of the reason you want to save the earth, what sort of ideas come to mind?

Do you think of lots of really noble reasons, like, for our children and their children.

What about this one not so noble but definitely worth considering!

Save the Earth it's the only planet that has Chocolate!

Yeah!  I made another apron for the Ecofest market. Fabric from an op-shop, bias binding from a garage sale and the design done on my embroidery machine which runs on power from the solar panels on our roof. When I stop to think about it I am trying really hard to save the earth in so many ways…….Yep, you guessed it I really like Chocolate!

Shirt Apron

I have been wanting to make an apron from a shirt from ages, the trouble is every time I find a shirt I like enough I can’t bring myself to cut it up. Just in case someone wants to wear it! Yet finally I did it and my idea has actually worked really well. It was hard to get a good photo but check it out!

Not easy to photo while wearing!

Next time I get a shirt I like for this project I will have to try and remember to do a ‘how to’ for it. I will have to find some more shirts I like at op-shops first though! Might get myself into trouble if I raid my home cupboards.

Toddlers apron

I found a lovely pattern for an apron for a toddler. It’s a cross between a bib and an apron it is perfect for those young chefs out there!

Here’s my first attempt at the pattern..


I could only find blue and green bias binding in the op-shops I went to but a  friend scored me some black to go with this number.



There are so many cute aprons out there at the moment. I saw one recently in a Magazine which I loved. It looked like a dress without a back. It was very spunky. Anyway to cut a long story short, I couldn’t find it again, so I decided it shouldn’t be too hard to make it up…….

Not bad for first attempt.

I used some old lined curtain fabric, the front of a dress pattern I like and some guess work to put it together. I think the straps need a little work but it will definitely keep the muck of my clothes when creating that mess that I am quite famous for.