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I have done a little bit more needle felting. I’ve have combined a couple of things I like in this one, old buttons and needle felting. I just have to work out now if I should put a strap on it or not!

Stitchen' it


Crafty day!

Don’t you just love a day when all you think about is craft! I was lucky enough to host a craft group at my house today and can I tell you that I love crafty women!

This is how all good craft things start!

We had a great turn out and of course some fantastic craft! The idea was simple enough, make some hair clips to sell at the fair. The results were stunning! I want to keep and wear them all….at once. Now that would be a sight after all we did make 43 today!

Close up of some of the crafty art!


Wooden buttons!

I am pleased to announce I have finally listed some of my wooden buttons on made it!

8 buttons for sale!

It’s harder to sell things than I thought….I just want to keep it all!

I am sure I am not the only person who finds it hard to part with craft they have made! In fact I might just make my next project one for me! Hmmm… so many choices what will I do!

Ecofest Fun!

What a fabulous day! It was so nice to see so many old friends and make a few new ones! The food was delicious, the kids activities were marvellous, the information stall were brilliant, the produce stall were fantastic and the craft stalls divine!  My only complaint ……. it was all over too quickly!

Huge THANKS to all of the team involved in putting it together, you out did yourselves.

Also a MASSIVE THANKYOU to Tresloulou who shared a stall with me. What a great day what a wonderful weekend!


Here's our stall for real!


I must say I was not hugely surprised that the first thing I sold were those gorgeous Beatrix Potter cushions. They were snapped up so quickly I didn’t even get time to take photo’s first! It was a great start to a great day!


Our stall from the other angle..hard to fit it all in one go!


Now I just need to keep that promise I made on the weekend to those of you who asked and finally added some of my items on to my ‘made it’ store. I promise to let you know as soon as I do it. I just have one or two jobs that I have put off for too long that I must do first.

I drilled a few more buttons!

With only 4 days until my market you would think I would have been busy making stuff. Unfortunately there has been way too much work and not enough craft, Doh!

I did manage to squish in some buttons. Check them out!

Each one is unique!


I have been finding some fantastic blogs coming from Tasmania lately. One that I stumbled across today is wonderful. Anyone who likes sewing machines, op shops, buttons, up-cycling, old suit case and vintage fabric is someone I want to read more about. If you would like to read along as well check it out.

3 Red Buttons

Sew fantastic! Great buy Angie!


I have three projects nearly finished. I was hoping to be able to finish one tonight but instead I started something else……does that sound familiar to anyone else. If I could just work on one thing at a time I would have heaps of things finished for my stall…. Maybe?

Anyway you will have to wait til tomorrow for photo’s but I have 2 cushions 2 aprons and the other beach bag…..hang on that makes 5. That’s even funnier! I will try to finish something tomorrow to show you.

In the mean time check out what my spunky friend over at ruthandradish has been making. They are just devine!

How much is that doggy in the brooche there! The one with the lovely button!


As part of the hopscotch present was some small wooden counters that went in a pouch. These were made from some branches off a plum tree from our back yard that have been drying out for a number of years looking for a project. I was so taken with them that I have decided they would make great buttons. In fact I might make a set of buttons to sell as my first item on ‘Made it”.

Well after managing to scorch a few, and jam the saw blade, I managed to get a good number cut. Check it out…

Old buttons!

Next the edges and the holes, this will take a bit longer I think but here are the first attempts.

Two holes or four that is the question!

I would love to just oil them up, but I guess people might like to sew them on to clothes so I had best laquer them. Maybe I could do a mix.


I may not have been able to make it last weekend, but I have been given a lovely gift to help me not feel so left out!

I do love a good button hair tie!

I believe my friend bought it from the buttons and beads stall. Hope everyone else had as much fun as she did, it sounded like a great set up.


Yeah they stayed in!

I am pleased to say that although I had nothing on the ends of the buttoned hair strands that they did in fact stay in.


Now that I know it works I will have to go through all of my buttons and pick out some favourites. Maybe even make a pattern or something!

Oh and I have given up on using the needle threader and I am just using a needle with thread on it to pull through the hole. It is so much easier. I don’t even go cross eyed now. In fact if you do it look into a mirror it is even easier!