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Cakes, Weddings and Womboota.

I was asked to create a 70th birthday cake for my uncle’s 70th. I wanted to make something that captured some of the things that were significant in his life and look like a bit of fun too. After too many different ideas to mention, I settled on an A-Frame Caravan just like he uses when he goes on holidays, with a map of Australia with places he has been marked on it. It was heaps of fun to make but I think a number of the nephews were very sad that we cut it and ate it, I was informed that they wanted to play with it first. I am just not sure that taking a cake for a test run with a bunch of 5 year olds is ever going to be a good idea if you want to eat it later!

Well believe it or not all of my brothers are now married so I have decorated  my last wedding cake for a while.

Unfortunately the final photo is a bit blurry so if anyone has a better copy of it at the reception please email it to me!! Thanks

It was a fabulous day and the location was stunning. Have you ever heard of a place called Womboota? It is a tiny town in NSW not to far from Echuca, I must say I couldn’t think of a better setting for a good old fashion wedding.  I even popped in to the local winery, sampled and purchased some fantastic mead. We even got a demonstration of how to make a throw pot in the ceramics workshop. My only regret was not purchasing the handmade viking replica mugs they would have made great presents for a few people I know. Ah well if I am ever up that way again I  will have to stop in.


Moon Cake Free tutorial..

I had said I would make a cake for the fete.

I forgot until the last moment.

I realised I would have just enough time if I just got started straight away.

I mixed a chocolate cake got it in the oven and it baked perfectly, with time to spare.

I carefully got it out of the oven and then disaster……some of the cake stuck in the tin, Noooo!


The following is an instructional for anyone to do, if the same thing ever happens to them.


Step 1) Mix a chocolate cake and bake in a round tin.

Step 2) Cook cake, then tip out of the tin leave some behind…..don’t panic.

Oh No! My cake!!

Step 3) Cool cake on a wire rack.

Step 4) Cut cake into a half moon shape and fill any cracks with orchard icing.

If you want a smoother finish you can do a thicker layer of icing!

Step 5) Using food dye, make up a small portion of pink, blue and a large portion of yellow orchard icing.

Use a few drops and mix it in well until you get the desired shade.

Step 6) Using a large rolling pin roll out the yellow icing to cover the whole cake.

You need a large even surface to work on, the size of the icing needs be able to fully cover the cake.

Step 7) Cover the cake with the yellow icing and then using the other colours add, eyes, and a mouth.

One finished moon cake for the fete!! Yeah!

There you go the perfect solution to what to do with a cake that stuck in the tin!


There has been a wedding in the family and it was wonderful. I love weddings, I love the way it can bring a family together to celebrate and think about the good things in life. I also like chocolate cake!!!

Bride, Groom and baby!!

I was lucky enough to be asked to make and decorate the cake, cushions for the rings, some hair pieces for the bride and her mother and the wedding dress. Needless to say I have been very very very busy!!

Carried on the day by baby!


Eat more cake!

I love birthday party’s, the excitement, the noise, the games, the excuse to decorate a cake!

Sunken treasure boat!

So I made a chocolate cake….

Yep so I made a chocolate cake……or two…..Look at this lovely mix.











Then I iced it……

But something is missing….and  I can’t quite put my finger on what. Any ideas???



The Potter cake!

Oh I nearly forgot…..

In between sewing sewing and more sewing last week I squeezed in a 7 year old birthday cake. As a huge fan of Harry Potter a castle was the request that came.




Happy Birthday Big Boy!