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Have you visited the town of Echuca lately? If you have then you might have seen that craft is alive and well in rural victoria! This has to be my favourite gorilla corchet/knitting yet!



Just in case you were wondering, I have not forgotten how to blog! I have just been enjoying my crafts so much I have not had time to share them with you all! I know, I know, how greedy can I get! In brief I must say I have had a lot of fun! I love having a regular craft group! I love screen printing and I love home made food!!!!!!


One of my stand out creations lately was a costume I made for a themed night out. I adapted two different patterns I have to create a fabulous fully line witches cape! Both the costume and the night were a hug success!

I love a good dress up night!

I did a work shop with Louise Snook. This involved drawing my own design cutting it out with a knife then screen printing it onto a tea towel that I got to keep. I was really happy with the design I cut out….but of course got completely carried away printing it as many times as I could on a tea towel! I could have worked out a better final look if I had thought about it but in the excitment of the moment, well you know how it is! It was lots and lots of fun. I might just be asking for my own for screen and inks for my birthday!

Apple anyone?

I have eaten some fabulous home made goodies, from sausage rolls to salmon on cream cheese with dill to banana caramel tarts to brownies! I fear that the craft group may well have to put together it’s own recipe book at the end of the year! The food these girls whip up is brilliant!!

Yummy! I will ask the girls for a recipe to share with you!

The other thing that has been filling a considerable amount of time is a another venture in to the world of crochet! Thanks to the mag Mollie makes I have creating apple covers! What is that I hear you ask. Well it is a crocheted cover for your apple to protect it in your bag or hand bag to stop bruising. They are too cute!!

These ones just needs buttons and the ends darned in.


I was also lucky enough to meet Toni Coward from Make it Perfect. The fabulous lady who started the QLD craft flood appeal that I took part in. What a treat! She is a real jem with a huge passion for all things good in the craft world. She really wants everyone to be able to make beautiful things with simple patterns! I love her stuff. Actually it is her cape pattern from her book that I have been making all of my capes from lately. Quite a few of my friends girls have been given a cape I made from her pattern as a present lately! Here’s my latest one!

The perfect present for a little girls 1st birthday!

Too many more things than I have time to tell you. Instead happy crafting and I look forward to reading more about what you have all been up to in your blogs!!  Also thanks for reminding me just how much I enjoy the world of craft on-line too. The best place around for inspirations!

I fixed a friends sewing machine…. I fixed another friends sewing machine…….I showed some friends how to set up their new machines…….I broke my overlocker…..not able to fix it yet……I really broke it, I need a replacement part…….DOH!

But before I broke it I did some great sewing. I have nearly finished my swimsuit…Photo to come soon, but here is some other exciting photos for now……..

Made another cape….

Little blue riding hood

I love these things!

I FINISHED MY QUILT!  Well the front panel part….I still have to do the back and put it together. The only problem is…it’s so big it’s hard to get a good photo!

Yeah so exciting!

Made some more craft for the stall, with some fabulous ladies. They just give and give these girls, it’s inspiring!

The perfect tooth fairy pillow!

crafty phones

A bit of magic

Some wall art

some more eatable craft

wash mittens....I actually made these ones!

I love the stars are ribbon bags!

peanut people are too much fun!

Head bands, aprons, gloves, scarves and more!

Wow, it just looks so great! Everyone worked so hard!


I have made a few dresses lately. They are not only fun to make, they are soo cute to see on!

And I also tried to use this dress using the same lovely vintage style pattern to make it in to a reversible dress too. See if you recognise the fabrics??

End of term Craft stall

I can’t believe I forgot to tell you about the first ever end of term Craft Stall!

Check it out! 

Fabulous work ladies, Fabulous!!

Crafty Goodness!

I have seen soo much crafty goodness lately I don’t know where to start! I only have a few minuets to tell you about any of it so I will have to do a big photo spread next time. In the mean time let me tell you what I bought. A hair clip! I know, I know, I hear you saying…I am way to obsessed with hair clips but I do love them. This purchase is different to any of my others. Have a look see if you can guess which one I bought…..

Princess hair clips

Did you guess?


These lovely clips and a whole table full of crafty goodness was made by one very busy little lady! Her name is Tyler and her creations are just FAB! I am definitely a fan! Along with her mums help they keep themselves very busy with all of their crafty ideas! At just 12 to be turning out so many wonderful designs and having your own market stall to sell it all….You go girl!!

I can’t wait to see where she will end up!

Check it out! Amazing!

Man If that was me at 12 I would have never been able to get out the door to school! It would have taken me too long to choose which hair accessory to wear each day!

Here's the board just before I cut through it!

Cut, cut, cut, Opps!

The first session, as you can imagine, was spent explaining how to cut your fabric and what sizes to cut it. Along with the showing of some finished quilts for inspiration. All fabulous! I found cutting the fabric a bit tricky, I was not exactly sure why. After asking for some advice it was suggested it might be easier with a longer cutting board. Someone very generously handed me one they were not using. Even with the longer board I was still having a little trouble, it was suggested that blade might just be blunt and I should press harder. So I did…….in fact I cut right through the board!!!! Oppps. Then I find out the board is not even hers it’s her friends!!!! Oh dear. We all had a bit of a laugh and I just hope her friend has a good sense of humour too. Needless to say while out shopping the other day I bought a replacement board and a new blade for my rotary cutter. Let me tell you it makes a huge difference! I now also have a spare new blade ready to go for next time.





Costumes for the craft stall

Making hair clips

This all got me thinking. Have you ever noticed how many generous, good humoured, talented, fun to be around people are into craft. My question is does craft naturally attract the fun and  creative type of  person or does doing craft actually make us that way. Imagine being creative but having no outlet for it. All that pent up creativity could just explode out anywhere, and who knows in what way!?!? It is so exciting to hear about more craft groups around in the area. They seem to be well on the increase these days. All of these creative, people doing what they do best and doing it together, I love it!



making wheat bags

Wheat bags













Have you also noticed the huge increase in the popularity of the bicycle. More are more people seem to be seeing the benefit in getting on your bike and going for a ride. These people ride to work, to the shops, I even see a few out with the family, then on the weekend there seem to be more and more who just do it for the fun of it. I have a bike, I ride it occasionally. In fact up until I looked at it this morning I thought it wasn’t that long ago that I went for a ride. I feel like it was only just a little while ago I had it in the back yard for a bit of a service and clean. But as you can plainly see when my grape vine has had time to grown into my spokes maybe it was a little longer than I thought!! I guess I craft a LOT more than I ride!

Strawberry anyone?

Don’t you just love to bite into a sweet strawberry!

Small icing ones for cupcakes

Yummy want to eat strawberry!

How to wear a strawberry. Nice work Mum!

Back of a strawberry?


Rocket Fuel!

Do you like vintage fabrics and designs? Do you like to reuse, recycle and upcycle? Do you like bike riding? Do you like hats? Do you need spunky hat to cover your helmet hair when you ride your bike to a funky event! If you do then Rocket Fuel is for you! They have some very cute vintage style hats. A friend has just introduced me to it and it’s fabulous! I love this blog and the ideas are spunkalicous! They have some great ideas good values and fantastic links on the blog. I think I will also be spending a bit of time in the instructable with the DIY Tuesdays! I don’t think I will ever get sick of blog land and the internet it is far too exciting, inspiring and convenient. Here is a link they had on their blog to making a print from an old bike inner tube. I love it!

I soooo have to make one of these!

I might make a dragon one!

Click here to see how to make it!

I was at a friends yesterday when I was offered a cup of tea. To my surprise the mugs the tea was served in, was a match to the cushions that I have made and currently have on sale in my made it store.

Cup of tea, cushions anyone?


Now for the give away…..Everyone is doing them they are fun and exciting but…I am not doing my give away for another week. If you are looking for one now why not pop over to RuthandRadish. She has one on right now to help promote her new store on Etsy. Where do you find the time to make so many stunning craft artworks my dear they are simply stunning!