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Yeah it’s on again this year!!

Boohoo! I can’t actually go this time due to a family commitment. I am so disappointed. I had such a fantastic day last year! With so many interesting people to talk to, fabulous things to buy and the best gardening and chicken tips I ever! This year looks like it will be even better than last year. If you make it down make sure you say hello from me!


If you don’t know what I am talking about check it out!!!  ECOFEST


Ecofest Fun!

What a fabulous day! It was so nice to see so many old friends and make a few new ones! The food was delicious, the kids activities were marvellous, the information stall were brilliant, the produce stall were fantastic and the craft stalls divine!  My only complaint ……. it was all over too quickly!

Huge THANKS to all of the team involved in putting it together, you out did yourselves.

Also a MASSIVE THANKYOU to Tresloulou who shared a stall with me. What a great day what a wonderful weekend!


Here's our stall for real!


I must say I was not hugely surprised that the first thing I sold were those gorgeous Beatrix Potter cushions. They were snapped up so quickly I didn’t even get time to take photo’s first! It was a great start to a great day!


Our stall from the other angle..hard to fit it all in one go!


Now I just need to keep that promise I made on the weekend to those of you who asked and finally added some of my items on to my ‘made it’ store. I promise to let you know as soon as I do it. I just have one or two jobs that I have put off for too long that I must do first.

One more sleep!

We are so excited about tomorrow! So much so that we set the stall up today at Tresloulou’s house just to make sure it’s all going to fit.


Looking good!


More Beatrix Potter!

I have made a pair for now! Two lovely cushions! I can’t believe only one more day until the market….Ahh I still have soo many ideas. Just no time to do them in now. Oh well!

Check out Tom Kitten!

See you at the Ecofest in Geelong!

I finally decided I would indeed make that Peter Rabbit fabric in to a cute cushion. I even tried my hand at pipping. The result is one very cute little cushion the perfect finishing touch for any bedroom!

Little Peter Rabbit was always getting himself into trouble!

Another Apron!

This one includes some lovely hand cross stitch on the pockets. Unfortunately not my work but fortunately for me someone else obviously never found the right project to put it in.

This one is fab!

They look just perfect here on this apron!

I do wish I knew what this sample of green fabric was off though as it is just divine! It’s always a bit of a mystery with fabric from others. I am picturing a stripped green sofa with matching curtains, not to mention the tassels that would go with them!

I drilled a few more buttons!

With only 4 days until my market you would think I would have been busy making stuff. Unfortunately there has been way too much work and not enough craft, Doh!

I did manage to squish in some buttons. Check them out!

Each one is unique!

I I love this!


Congrats Tresloulou on listing your fist item on Made it!!

If you want to see more of the fantastic items made by Tresloulou she will be sharing a stall with me at the Ecofest.

Two Cat Softies!

Ages ago, I decided to make a softie to donate to the Ecofest fundraiser. Finally finished it. In fact I liked it soo much I made two. One for me too!

Which one should I donate which one should I keep!

This was a fun project. I am enjoying hand stitching more and more these days. Although I wouldn’t be with out my trusty machine any day!

I even gave one a tail!

When you sit down to name all of the reason you want to save the earth, what sort of ideas come to mind?

Do you think of lots of really noble reasons, like, for our children and their children.

What about this one not so noble but definitely worth considering!

Save the Earth it's the only planet that has Chocolate!

Yeah!  I made another apron for the Ecofest market. Fabric from an op-shop, bias binding from a garage sale and the design done on my embroidery machine which runs on power from the solar panels on our roof. When I stop to think about it I am trying really hard to save the earth in so many ways…….Yep, you guessed it I really like Chocolate!