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Check out this link


Wow, I love this.

When I think of all the fantastic mens shirt fabrics I have seen in my op-shop obsession from stripes, checks, flannel, all of those times I put it back because although I loved it I just couldn’t think exactly what to do with it. (yes I am getting better at reducing my stash rather than adding to it…sometimes). After reading this link all I can think of now is missed opportunities of those shirts I put back. I am already picturing few new items I can create for my wardrobe.  I love refashion ideas, and this lady seems to have loads of them!  I can’t wait to try this one….only 6 more weeks until holidays and a break from homework, which means more time for sewing. Yeah!


My  favourite colour is purple, so when I was told to check out a blog called “the purple person“, I thought this has to be good.

Good is not the word….fabulous is.

I have just down loaded a couple of the free tutorials and I can’t wait to start. Such a generous blogger with great ideas and designs.

Love it love it!

I think I will make the wallet first…..just as soon as I finish this quilt!

I might have to the interior in purple in honour of the purple person!

Want to make your own check out the purple person free tutorials! Yeah!


Just in case you were wondering the undies are a huge success!! They are so comfy, I actually think they are one of the best pairs I have ever had. Here I have been putting this off, when I had no idea what I was missing out on! They did not fall down, (which when I think about it is a crazy fear,) they were just perfect in every way! I can’t believe I put this off for soooooooooo long! I highly recommend making your own to anyone. My goodness I have just over come a huge hurdle in my sewing, if I can just make a few more good pairs I might even work up the courage to make my very own design for a vintage style two piece swim suit. I may not have mentioned this before, but I dream of being able to sew a funky vintage swim suit. Frankly I have often wondered if it was just a pipe dream. Now ,with this little success under my belt (heehee) I think that I might actually get there.  Then I might even work up the courage to wear it out in public. (The swim suit not my undies!) Which ever way I look at it, this has been a very exciting week, in more ways than I can begin to explain, with a renewed passion to keep my ethical clothing pledge going and to keep sewing!!!!!

Those were the days!

Wouldn’t you just love to have gone down to the local bathing pool dressed like one of these beauties!

If you think I am alone in my wish to for a return to the swim wear of yesterday, then you should see some of the out fits made by my sister pat, no I don’t have a sister called pat that is the name of the company. Check it out here is one of my favourites!

A proudly Australian made designer label!

My sister pat

Home made undies!

I finally did it. I made a pair of undies. It was just a practise pair with some scrap fabric, but I must say I am really quite pleased with them. I have not included a photo as I think I can do much better, but it is very very exciting. I have been trying to convince myself to do this for quite a while now. Finally after all of this time I have gotten to the stage of needing to get some new undies. So in order to stick to my ethical clothing pledge, which has been going so well, I need to make them. I have looked into buying them from pants to poverty but it has been a little bit frustrating to think I can sew most things, why can’t I just make myself some undies! I had tried printing out a pattern but I hadn’t gotten anywhere with it. I have looked at lots of other cool bloggers who made their own undies, I have been so inspired, but it still frighten me. It has been a long time in coming and much procrastinating has happened. But now finally the test pair are finished, now I will have to try them out and then move on to making real ones……well not that these aren’t real, I mean I will be wearing real undies, just not the finished product, not that these aren’t finished cause they are, it just that they are just a trial, cause I didn’t use a pattern, or didn’t really have any idea what I was doing, I just kind of made it up from a pair I already had. Phew……… are some extra full stops to make up for not having any for a while. Anyway I will let you know how they go. As long as they don’t fall down I will deem them a success. I am sure as I make more I will get fussier, but for now…..I just don’t want them to fall down!

When you sit down to name all of the reason you want to save the earth, what sort of ideas come to mind?

Do you think of lots of really noble reasons, like, for our children and their children.

What about this one not so noble but definitely worth considering!

Save the Earth it's the only planet that has Chocolate!

Yeah!  I made another apron for the Ecofest market. Fabric from an op-shop, bias binding from a garage sale and the design done on my embroidery machine which runs on power from the solar panels on our roof. When I stop to think about it I am trying really hard to save the earth in so many ways…….Yep, you guessed it I really like Chocolate!


I have three projects nearly finished. I was hoping to be able to finish one tonight but instead I started something else……does that sound familiar to anyone else. If I could just work on one thing at a time I would have heaps of things finished for my stall…. Maybe?

Anyway you will have to wait til tomorrow for photo’s but I have 2 cushions 2 aprons and the other beach bag…..hang on that makes 5. That’s even funnier! I will try to finish something tomorrow to show you.

In the mean time check out what my spunky friend over at ruthandradish has been making. They are just devine!

How much is that doggy in the brooche there! The one with the lovely button!

More Softies

I spent the day yesterday making more softies for the orphanage in Africa. We are starting to get a good stack now!


These ones are going to be Bunnies, can you tell??

I have found another t-shirt being cut up to make joc’s instructions. It is on a site called cut out + keep. Well I shouldn’t say I found it so much as I read about it in this blog with her DIY tuesday specials. Then I spent ages looking at all of the amazing things people have made with instructions of how to make them. It is great. I love a good crafty share site. The only trouble is I have now used all of my spare time looking at so many wonderful how to guides that I just want to make them all……and yep you guessed it, I have made nothing today. DOH! Oh and I also discovered that there is such a thing as self-stitched september, thanks to the lovely lady who gave me the tip for using flax or linseed oil to finish off my buttons. The idea of wearing only things I make for a month would be such a cool challenge,but I am not quite sure I am up for it this year but I will be checking out others photo’s as the month goes by.

A old t-shirt

Have you ever wonder what to do with an old work t-shirt. You know the ones with an old logo on, or a company that you don’t work for any more, or even a band you once loved now you just can’t stand. Well don’t throw it out. You can renew it, make it look funky again. The trick is to make your own sew on fabric design and sew it over the top of any logo’s that you don’t like. You can stamp, fabric paint, or just cut out funky shapes.

Here is one I did a while ago. (My first attempt at stamping on fabric….you might recognise the bike stamp)

Riding the green one!

Hang on here’s a close up of my first stamping.

Now you can see the green one!

And as for the back I had to do something big to cover the logo there.

Yep it's a funky bike shirt, not to be worn with any lycra!

Finally I am pleased to say I have finished my first two items for my market stall. All made from fabrics from op-shops and garage sales!

Here’s a sneak peak!

Aprons for kids!